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In ROTU 2.1 there are 55 levels per prestige and 45 prestige’s. That means there are a total of 2,475 Ranks to achieve.

Once you achieve rank 55, press your "esc" button and click on "Prestige Mode". If it is ghosted out that means you need to get some more kills before you can go Prestige. You DO NOT lose any of your Special Skills points (30 per a class). Once you earn them, you never lose them. As a matter of fact, you have to go Prestige
in order to max out on your Special Skill points.

ROTU 2.1 Rank

Note: When you are Prestige Level 37, Rank 55 and click on “Prestige Mode”, do not be alarmed if it takes you back to what appears to be Prestige Level 3, Rank 1. For some unexplained reason, the Prestige Symbol for Level 38 is the exact same as it is for Level 3. The rank chart shows they are different, but they are the same.

Just keep playing and when you are ready to Prestige up once again it will move you up to Level 39, Rank 1.

Current breakdown of weapons for each class are as follows:
Class Abilities

Note: For all classes there is a Blue Specialty Bar on the bottom left corner of the screen, right underneath the Green Health Bar. To use your class’s personal specialty double tap your “Use” button (Default is FF).

When you use your personal specialty, your Blue Specialty Bar will drop down to nothing.

Depending on what class you are, there are 2 ways to build your Personal Specialty Bar back up to full Blue:

1. Engineer / Medic – Give out Ammo Cans / Medic Kits to other players
2. Armored - Use Tomahawk / Knife in Melee until Specialty Bar is back to full Blue.
3. All other classes – Get Multi kills until the Personal Specialty Bar is back to full Blue.


Rifle Expertise--------10% more damage with assault rifles
Gun Master-------------10---Reload faster
Regeneration-----------20---Slowly regenerates own health
Immunity---------------30---Immune from infection


Assassination-----------5---Able to assassinate enemies by sneaking up from behind and slicing their throats
Way of the Assassin-------- 15% damage Penalty for using fully automatic weapons and all non-silent weapons. On all other weapons a damage Bonus and a 30% melee/crossbow damage Bonus
Silent Kill---------------10---The Assassin’s weapons make less noise and he won’t alert zombies after a successful assassination. Assassination becomes easier
Fake Death-------------15---Able to fake death so that zombies will ignore him. Double tap USE Button
Hitman-----------------20---Deals 15% more damage if zombie cannot see him. Single shot head shots deal another 45% more damage.
Quick Escape-----------25---When health gets below 25%, becomes invisible to zombies and gets a small speed boost. After a few seconds the effect wears off.
Shadow Refuge---------30---While crouching or proning the assassin becomes invisible. The effect lasts until attracts attention to himself.


Heavily Armored--------5---Receives only ½ damage as long as health remains above 65%
Heavy Gunner------------- Receives 15% damage Bonus light machine guns and 15% damage Penalty when using submachine guns, sniper rifles and pistols.
Extreme Strength-------10---Shoots from hip without losing accuracy. 35% more melee damage
Invincibility-------------15---Becomes invincible for a few seconds. Double tap USE
Machine Gunner---------20---Reloads light machine guns faster and deal and additional 5% damage with them.
Ammo Box--------------25---Can drop an ammo box to support himself and other players
Resistant Skin-----------30---Receives 10% less damage. Smaller chance of getting infected.

Note: The Armored class has a Tomahawk Hatchet that he can use by pressing the “melee” button. It is effective against all zombies including the Giant.


Body Search------------5---Able to search bodies and retrieve 80% ammo from them
Engineering-----------------5% damage bonus with all assault rifles and machine guns. 10%bonus damage with shotguns and explosives. Able to rebuild barricades faster.
Explosive Experience--10---Able to carry more explosives. Can rig explosives to other players
Supplies----------------15---Restores own ammo. Double tap USE
Repair Tools------------20---Able to repair turrets and vehicles
Ammo Box-------------25---Can drop an ammo box to support himself and other players
Incendiary Ammo------30---Bullets inflict additional fire damage and have a change of setting their target on fire.


Quick Escape-----------5---Temporary speed boost. Double tap USE
Scouting-------------------10% damage Bonus using submachine guns, sniper rifles and pistols. 15% damage Penalty if using light machine guns or assault rifles,
Head Hunter-----------10---Headshots deal an additional 50% damage.
Scope Zoom------------15---Able to adjust the zoom of his scope by pressing the Use and Melee key
Hitman-----------------20---15% more damage if zombie cannot see him. Single shot headshots deal an additional 50% damage.
Deadly Bullet-----------25---A few bullets are soaked with an odor that drive zombies crazy
Scouting Drone---------30---Drone gives permanent vision on zombies’ location.


Medkit-------------------5---Medic has 2 Medkits for healing other players
Paramedic----------------Able to revive a little faster and can cure infections Double tap USE to Cure.
Field Operative---------10---Moves a little faster and does not get interrupted while reviving others or curing infections.
Healing Aura------------15---Medic can create a green healing aura. Double tap USE
Medicine----------------20--Possesses medkit that heals faster and cures infections.
Health Transfusion------25---Able to steal health from zombie and is healed by 15% on damage he does at close range.
Poisonous Bullets-------30---Poisonous bullets that kill zombies fast.
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