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R-Game Clan!

Post by JaJe on Fri 8 Feb - 2:16:01

From today 8 February 2013 we have R-Game clan!

Players who want to join our clan, can do this by sending a request HERE

Exclamation ATTENTION! Exclamation

Entry conditions on our clan are:
  1. Player must have at least level 55 to R-Game server! (Fast ranking is forbidden!).
  2. Player must be an addicted of Call of Duty 4, not passive. (Play often CoD4, not just one time for a month).
  3. Must wear always the tag rG|XXXXX
  4. Being active to R-Game Server.
  5. Must post the GUID, [CLICK HERE!] if you don't know your GUID.
  6. Must register to the group R-Game from Xfire, [CLICK HERE!] + posting the Xfire ID.
  7. Player must NOT have nickname with special characters like [ ] & $ # @ etc.
  8. Player must NOT have antecedents like insulting another player, or receiving kick/ban.
  9. The player does not respond to possible reply within 5 days of the request, it will be refused.

Example of request:
Real Name: John
Nickname: Player
Age: 20
Country: UK
Last level registered to server: XX (a number between 1-70)
GUID: 79aa22f74c87072c1a5feb33abc17570
Xfire: abc123
Joined to Xfire community: YES
Why should we accept you?: Because...

Advantages of R-Game clan members:
  • Players will be allowed to choose the team (Except for Hide and Seek gametype).
  • If teams are not balanced in the game, the player from R-Game clan is excepted to "Autobalance" (Except when the server is online ONLY with players from the clan).
  • Players will have reserved slots when the server is full.
  • To Assassination, players are most likely to become a VIP.

//Last Edit: 12 April 2013

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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