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Support for much stock and generic custom maps (list of maps)
Supports "Reign of the undead" custom maps.
Own Custom maps for the best gameplay experience
Lots of customization possibility for serveradmins
Gameplay Features:

Two gamemodes for now (endless/max wave number)
AN/PEQ-2A Laser support for selected weapons
Perks - Active perks

With * tagged weapons / attachments got a AN/PEQ-2A laser, toggled by key.
Beretta M92
HK USP .45*
Colt M1911
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle Scope
Desert Eagle Tactical*

Machine Pistols
Glock 18 (2 round burst fire)
Beretta M93R (3 round burst fire)
H&K MP5k
H&K MP5k /w Reflex Sight & Suppressor*

Sub Machine Guns
H&K MP5 - Reflex Sight
H&K UMP - Reflex Sight
Scorpion - Reflex Sight
Mini-Uzi - Reflex Sight
AK74u - Reflex Sight
Kriss Super Vector - Reflex Sight
FN P90* - Reflex Sight
M4 CQBR /w EoTech Sight & C-Mag*

Assault Rifles
M16A4 - Reflex Sight, Silencer
FAMAS F1* - Reflex Sight, Silencer
SCAR-H - Reflex Sight, Silencer
ACR 6.8* - Reflex Sight, Silencer
AUG H-BAR - Reflex Sight, Silencer
AK-47 - Reflex Sight, Silencer
M4A1 - Reflex Sight, SOPMOD (Holographic Sight, Silencer)*, M203
H&K G3 - Reflex Sight, Silencer
H&K G36C - Reflex Sight (Aimpoint), Silencer, M203
M14 - Reflex Sight
FAD - EoTech Sight, Suppressor
Type-95 /w ACOG & Suppressor

Light Machine Guns
M249 SAW - Reflex Sight, Grip
RPD - Reflex Sight, Grip
M60E4 - Reflex Sight, Grip
Stoner 63 /w Reflex Sight

KS-23 - Dragons Breath
Winchester 1200 - Grip
M1014 - Grip
AA-12 - Extended Mag

Sniper Rifles
M40A3 - ACOG
M21 - Silencer
Dragunov - ACOG
Remington 700 - ACOG
Barrett M82 - ACOG
TAC-50 V-Zoom & Suppressor*

Ballistic Knife with Bowie
Crossbow - Explosive Bolts
Death Machine
Wunderwaffe DG2 aka Wonderweapon DG2
Ray Gun

Monkey Bomb

EX-41 (aka China Lake)

Lethal Grenades
Frag Grenade

Special Grenades
Smoke Grenade
Flash Grenade
Concussion Grenade

Location Selector

perk name - main effect - side effect
Tier 1
Lightweight - Faster Movement. - CQB model
Scavenger - Regain bullets from dead zombies.
Ghost - Undetectable when crouching/ proneing and doing NOTHING. - Sniper model
Flak Jacket - Reduced damage from special zombies. - LMG model
Hardline - 10/20/30 less kills for killstreaks.

Tier 2
Hardened - Increased bullet damage by 1/2/5%.
Scout - Hold breath longer when scoping.
Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Sleight of Hand - Faster reload time.
Warlord(active) - Your next clip has explosive ammo. (limit ~60 rounds for LMG)

Tier 3
Marathon - Increased sprint duration.
Ninja - Less visible for zombies and quiet movement. - SMG model
Second Chance - Keep a weapon while waiting for revive
Hacker(active) - Identify dangerous zombie types
Tactical Mask(active) - No damage from gas(for now not active, also no significant limited sight)

Though the names are the same the effect is partly way different from the Black Ops Multiplayer.
Each perk has three ranks, Normal, Plus and PRO. While PRO mostly grands an extra ability Plus only upgrades the basic effect of the perk.
Some of the perks are active, means you need to trigger it by key. The effect then stays active for a certain amount of time. After the effect worn of it goes on cooldown for a certain time. While the active time increases with the perkrank the cooldown goes down. (Max. 1 active perk at a time for now)

In RoZo there are several types of zombies, which can all be separately disabled by dvar.
Zombie (normal zombie, can't be disabled)
Dog (Live: *0.8, moves faster)
Tank (Live: *10)
Runner (moves faster)
Explosive (explodes on death)
Tabun (releases a tabun gas screen on death)
Acid (releases a puddle of acid on death)
Explosive Rank
Explosive Runner
Explosive Dog
Create a Class

Similar to BO MP you earn money for killing Zombies and for doing objectives. This money can be spend for:
CaC item unlocking (weapons, gear, perks, ...)
CaC upgrading (perks, gear)

Besides the money you earn XP, which will increase your rank and unlock new items you can buy.

Another special are killstreak, after of course a quite high number of kills, you'll earn one of your three selected killstreaks. After you got the last one the kills will rack up again and you'll get your first one again.
[xx] are the default kills

Confirmed Killstreaks
[40] Care Package (can randomly contain ammo, a Killstreak, a Death Machine, a Ray Gun or a DG-2)
[50] Gatling Gun
[75] AC-130 Strike
[100] Airstrike
[125] RayGun Turret
[150] Cobra Helicopter
[200] Artillery
[350] Blackhawk Helicopter
[400] RC-XD
[1000] MOAB/Nuke

TBD Killstreaks
MK-19 Sentry Gun
Cobra Piloted (aka MW2 Chopper Gunner)
AH-6 Little Bird (not MW3 AH-6 Overwatch)
Mi-24 Hind
Harrier Strike
Napalm Strike

The above listed killstreaks (TBD) are only ideas and might not be in the final release!
UAV is controlled by server and by default pops up when 5 zombies or less are alive.

The mod will release in English and German, if there is anyone willing to translate for other languages CoD4 supports we'll add these language as well. (As far as I know CoD4 supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)

3aGl3's Youtube Channel - Further videos will be posted there
Mod Team Germany - website of the developer team
Silvernight Clan - serverview of the offical RoZo Server
Credits, Developers, Thanks

Main Developers
3aGl3 - scripting, 3D artist
ParadoX - Main 3D Artist
Lefti - scripting, 2D/texture artist

Credits goes to
rednose - map geo (mp_zmb_valley)
Sanya - Death Machine, Kriss Vector, MW3 Jugg., MW2 Team, Riot Gear
Red Beret - SCAR-H
=|SF|= PhoeniX - AUG H-BAR
|H.R's|rrider18 - AH-6 model, CP script help, ...
T-Max - Type-95

Thanks goes to
Lefti/Silvernight Clan - Server hosting, Testing, ...
Treyarch - Creating BO & WAW, idea of zombie survival game for CoD
Infinity Ward - MW2 and MW3
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