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ScarS OW2 v1.44

Post by |ScarS|ReaperSS on Sat 11 May - 10:29:42

1.44 Preview Release
Lead developers:

Sledgehammer - Project leader
Sanya - Lead player weapons, animations
Sammy - Lead scripter, mod integration
Modeling, fx , sounds, weapons by all.

Special thanks to:

[FR] Fox and everyone at Team[FR]
Technor and all Open Warfare developers
Rugger and everyone at Xtreme Idiots
OW, RU, RGN and ModsOnline communities
D-Tox, Dark Raptor, DemonSeed, Hallulallu
Insane , Kiki, Kuklovod, Phoenix, Susel
Tally , Tito, Zeroy and
Infinity Ward and Treyarch for the Call of Duty series and cod4/5/BO mod tools.

OW2 class loadout system:
- 10 saveable custom classes of 2 each. 2 Assault , 2 Specops, etc. Any class can be disabled.
- Each class is limited to its primary weapon but can choose from any perk and killstreak.
- Specific perks and streaks can be limited to one or more classes or disabled entirely.
- All weapons and perks are unlocked but players still gain experience points by completing challenges.
- Black Ops style killstreaks. All are available but players can only choose three options.
- Severs can limit streak options to 1 or 2.
- Tactical nuke is a '4th streak' given to all players. Dvar option for kill requirement, default 25 kills needed.

Player weapons:
Assault (GL attachments removed. Chinalake added)
• MW2 ACR Bushmaster
• MW2 Steyr AUG
• MW2 FN Scar-h
• Colt M4 Carbine
• MW2 Kalashnikov AK-47
• MW3 Smith MK14 EBR

• MW2 Heckler & Koch MP5K
• MW3 Kalashnikov AK74u
• IMI Mini UZI
• MW2 Glock G18 fullauto
• FN P90
Heavy Gunner

• Degtyaryov RPD
• M249 SAW
• MW2 Steyr Mannlicher HBAR AUG heavy rifle

• MW2 Franchi Spas-12
• Benelli M1014
Snipers ( silencer attachments for all except the .50)

• MW2 CheyTac M200 Intervention
• MW3 Springfield M21 SWS
• BO Walther WA2000
• Barret M82
• MW3 AWSM L118
Side Arms

• G18 Glock single shot
• Walther P99
• Magnum .44
• Desert Eagle Tactical
Perk 1 weapons
• RPG-7
• MW3 Bouncing Betty
• BO Crossbow (server option for normal bolts or explosive)
• C4
• BO China Lake
• Smoke
• Frag
• Semtex
• Flashbang
• Novagas
Killstreaks and requirements
• UAV - 3 kills
• RC -XD - 3 kills
• Counter UAV - 4 kills
• SAM turret - 4 kills
• Care Package - 4 kills
• Explosive Decoy - 4 kills
• Airstrike - 5 kills
• Predator - 5 kills
• Artillery - 6 kills
• Sentrygun - 6 kills
• Smartbomb - 7 kills
• Helicopter - 7 kills
• Sentrynade - 8 kills
• B2 - 8 kills
• Overwatch - 9 kills
• Reaper - 9 kills
• AC130 - 11 kills
• Hammer - 11 kills
• Mininuke - 11 kills
• Tactical Nuke - 25 kills
Killstreaks info:
- Operates as in MW3
- Behaves as a normal heli but follows the player.
-Dvar can set the ' patrol area' for the max radius around the player it must stay within.

- SAM will target AC130, all heli's, UAVs, Reaper, Predator, and the artillery launcher.
- SAM will not target the cluster bomb airstrikes or the B2.
- Both can be destroyed with direct fire or explosives. Melee is an automatic kill.
- For sentryguns there is a very small chance the player will "cut the wrong wire ", killing him when it explodes.
The owner gets credit for the kill.
- Players can own multiple sentryguns and SAM launchers.
- Sentryguns target all enemy players and the RC-XD. The Stealth perk protects the player from being targetted.
- The sentrynade fires a burst of three grenades over long distances. Stealth protects players.
- "Wrong wire' dvar option for sentry/sam and melee attacks. Turret will explode and damage the player.
Counter UAV and EMP

- In teambased matches both can be shot down by direct fire and SAMs.
- If shot down their effects are cancelled.
- If a teammate activates UAV/CUAV before the older one is finished it continues to fly from its current location.
- UAV's are white. CUAV's are black.

- Dropped by a B2 and explodes in the air above the target area.
- Enemies in range can be killed immediately by the blast except those that are spawn protected, if enabled.
- Enemies will experience varying degrees radiation effects epending on distance from the blast. Penetrates structures.
- If enabled, the attacker will see the hit marker of those suffering radiation effects.
- Tac nuke kills all players (including friendlies) that are not spawn protected. FF penalties are not applied.
- Both kill vehicles and equipment . Players in remote streaks such as the Reaper are detached
and killed at their original locations.
- In objective games the tac nuke can be set to win the game for the attacking team.
- If a tac nuke has been called and the countdown is in progress players will not respawn.

- Does not appear on the minimap to both enemies and friendlies.
- Midpoint and direction can be set in tactical map for a row of 10 bombs.

- Player is given a short time in an orbiting UAV to choose a target location.
- Player can then fire it and guide to the target.
- Speed boost will lock onto the target area
- Can be flown into heli's (still testing)

- Player chooses target areas with a visual locator. Default 3 targets and includes dvar for more targets.
- When the target is validated a single figher will immediately find an open path and launch its attack.
- If the fighter cannot hit the target the player can choose another location so long as the timer is still active.
- If targetted correctly the bomb will fly through open windows and other openings.
- Automatically decides on best altitude based on target surroundings. In the middle of tall buildings or down an open ceiling.

- Works as in MW3
- Three weapons. 25mm, 40mm, and 105mm.
- Limited to 20, 8, and 1 round magazines respectively with automatic reload.
- When a magazine is empty the player is switched to the next higher weapon.

- Pavelow flies diagonally across the center of the map once, turns around, and flies back to the start location.
- Three turrets. Left+right sides and rear door.
- If it takes high damage it will leave the diagonal path and enter into evasive for the remainder of the streak.

- Works as in Black Ops.
- Dvar allows for jumping, climing ladders and mantling. Batmobile -like.
- If enabled, players with the Hardwired perk have a protective bubble that will prevent the RC from being triggered.
- If enabled, in S&D/SAB/CTF if the player already has the carry object he keeps it and can carry it to the objective.
- If the RC-XD explodes or is destroyed by an enemy it drops the carry object at that location.
- Affected by Novagas and can be disabled by EMP nades. When disabled it starts a 20 second timer after which it will explode.
- Green trail option instead of a blinking light for easier friend/foe detection.

- Operates as in MW3 with an orbiting UAV.
- Default of 8 player-guided missiles or 60 seconds . Whichever comes first.
Care package and explosive decoy
- May contain any streak other than another care package. May also contain ammo resupply or body armor.
- Friendlies see a head icon of its contents. Enemies have to begin the capture process to know its contents.
- Awards based on their streak requirements. Resupply and body armor have the highest probabiliity.
- %1 chance of a tactical nuke.
- If stolen by an enemy with Hacker the package becomes a booby trap.
- Friendlies can steal the package but cannot set a trap.
- 5 minute default timer before either will blow up.
- Players are killed by falling packages. Kill is credited to the package owner if an enemy.
- If heli is shot down ( ac130 cannot be shot down at this time) it immediately drops its payload.
- On maps with no heli support the package is dropped by an AC130. Dvar option to force AC130 on all maps.

- By default fires 6 volleys of four rounds each on the target area. Spread can be set via dvar.
- Trail effects so players will see them as they fly overhead to allow them to run for cover.
Various streak info

- When activating a remote streak such as RC-XD or Pavelow the player must be able to stand at that location.
- If the player is unabled to stand he will not be able to activate.
Done to prevent situations where the player will get stuck in walls when respawning.
- Thermal and optional red target squares for all airbased streaks.
- Ambient weapons: mortars, ac130, airstrikes, B2, mininuke, EMP, counter UAV.
- If carrying a sentry or SAM player must place before activating remote streaks.
- "Unreal " style multikills. To maintain the streak the player must make a kill within three seconds of the last kill.
- Points awarded on multikills.
- For Reaper and similar streaks, if the player is carrying an object such as the bomb it is dropped at that location.
- When the player returns to that location he will automatically pick it up again, unless stolen.
- Experimental killcams for some streak weapons. May not work correctly in some cases.
- Points given for destroying streaks, including if by an AI weapon.
- Smartbomb and Reaper have normal and 2X zoom. All air streaks have thermal.
- First hover point can be set via locator for the attack heli.
Custom or ported models in addition to new player weapons

- Pavelow (MW3)
- B2 (MW2)
- Sentrygun and SAM (BO). Sentrynade based on Sentrygun model.
- Littlebird (MW2)
- MW2 Laptop and MW3 cellphone (for killstreaks)
- Briefcase Bomb (MW2)
- Zack Woodland. Replaces Zakhaev model used in VIP gametype.
- UAV/CUAV (modified MW)
- AC130 (modfied MW)
- Care Package and Explosive Decoy (modified MW)
- RC-XD (BO)
- Minigun (BO)
Player Viewmodels
- MW2 Airborne TF141 favela
- MW2 Airborne Ranger
- MW2 TF141

New and modified perks
Perk 1

- Hacker. Turn all enemy equipment friendly. Set a booby trap when stealing care packages.
Danger icons for all enemy equipment as in Bomb Squad
- Players cannot boobytrap friendly care package that they steal.
- China Lake and Crossbow (server options for explosive or non-explosive)
- Bouncing Betty (operates as in MW3).
- 3X nades applies to EMP and Semtex. Does not apply to Novagas.
Perk 2

- Stealth operates as in UAV Jammer. Also makes the player invisible to all enemy equipment and vehicles.
- Snatch and Grab. Cuts objective time (capturing the flag or securing in HQ etc) in 1/2. Reroll care packages.
- Body Armor. Limited protection against all forms of damage. AP perk ignores armor.
- Hardwired protects against EMP effects and CounterUAV.
- Marty and Juggernaut removed.
Perk 3

- Armor Piercing operates as in Deep Impact and also ignores all vehicle and player body armor.
- Hunter (for snipers). Operates as in Iron Lungs and adds range finder, thermal, and zoom. No Acog.
- Tactical Mask. Protects the player from Flashbangs, Novagas, and explosive damage shock effects.
- Lightweight. Operates as in Extreme Conditioning and adds no fall damage.
- Last Stand removed
Various info

- All grenade launcher attachments removed. China Lake added to perk 1 and available to all classes.
- China Lake is balanced to behave the same as the nade launcher attachment but is pump action and can fire ADS.
- Servers can swap Crossbow explosive bolts for non-explosive and set max ammo accordingly.
- Bouncing Betty operates as in MW3. Thrown by the player and damage can be limited with quick prone etc.
- Semtex sticks to buildings and players.
- Novagas affects enemies only in softcore. In hardcore friendlies will feel the shock effects but enemies will also be damaged.
- EMP disables the hud and communications.
Streaks cannot be called in and also adds grain to the screen. Affects all equipment.
- Body armor via care package, death streak, or perk.
- Two test dvars for 'pistols-only'. 1: ignore the primary weapon loadout. 2: Force the Bandolier perk. One lethal nade allowed.
- Killstreaks do not count towards streaks. Test dvar for streak rotation..
- Laptop and cellphone models/animations for streak activation.
Death Streaks:

- If the player is killed multiple times in a row he is eligible for a randomly chosen award from the given list.
- If the player already has a perk it is ignored from the random selection.
- 3 deaths: 20 points of body armor, 25 extra points on first kill, Juiced for 20 seconds, or Dead Silence for 20 seconds.
- 5 deaths: 30 points of body armor, 50 points on first kill, Stealth for 30 seconds, or Double Tap until first kill.
- 7 deaths: 40 points of body armor, 75 points on first kill, full ammo for primary weapon, or Hollow Points until first kill.
Known issues:

Some hardpoint announce sounds will not yet play on the Mac version of the game. MP3 support not included in the Mac build.
In Pavelow the player must change turrets after it turns around to reset the forward direction. Game limitation with stationary turrets.
Sometimes in Pavelow the player will seem to 'fly' until it is inside the map since the game will not draw models outside of the map.
When semtex sticks to players it may stop beeping.
The sentrynade will sometimes destroy itself with its own grenade.
sometimes when given body armor from a care package the icon+amount missing from hud.
Total red markers limited to 8 players due to asset limits. Players are selected based on score.
Any bugs, issues, or comments please post or PM Sammy at openwarfare website. Include as much data as possible to help
track them down.
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