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R-Game V.2.1 !!

Post by JaJe on Thu 16 May - 12:23:53

Today we released the v.2.1 of R-Game mod!

Version v.2.1 wrote:
  1. Added silencer to weapon WA2000 (add acog)
  2. Added Gametype Team One in the Chamber [TOITC]
  3. Added Gametype Last Team Standing [LTS]
  4. Added Gametype Sniper Only (Deathmatch) [SNP]
  5. Added Gametype Sniper Only (Team Deathmatch) [TSNP]
  6. Added Gametype Shotgun Only (Deathmatch) [STG]
  7. Added Gametype Shotgun Only (Team Deathmatch) [TSTG]
  8. Added Gametype Pistol Only (Deathmatch) [PST]
  9. Added Gametype Pistol Only (Team Deathmatch) [TPST]
  10. Added again Gametype Search & Destroy [SD]
  11. Fixed Gametype Freeze Tag [FTAG]
  12. Any TECH Reflex was replaced with simple Reflex (see TDI Vector & M4 Weapon)
  13. Decreased the speed of AT4 Rocket
  14. Improved Fireshot effect for all weapons
  15. New costume and gloves for S.A.S Players
  16. New Camo for Heli
  17. Removed custom weapon M16 (Now we use stock M16)
  18. Added new camo for M16 weapon only
  19. Removed Five Seven pistol (Now we use stock M9 Beretta)
  20. Better texture for Knife
  21. Replaced Eavedrop perk with Mask Perk. (This one will prevent players who use this perk to be flashbanged or stuned).
  22. Fixed Intervention Sound
  23. Reversed slot for PM63 weapons with MP40
  24. Added silencer/reflex for weapon MP40
  25. Replaced neutral "Foreveralone Flag" with official R-Game flag
  26. Fixed bug with hud image for Double Barrel + Grip attach.
  27. Fixed worldmodel for suitcase bomb
  28. Fixed the annoying error with "Exceed limit of 128 bone tags"
  29. Updated gametype All or Nothing [AON]
  30. Updated gametype Demolition [DEM]
  31. Updated gametype Infection [INF]
  32. Updated gametype Juggernaut [JN]
  33. Updated gametype Team Juggernaut [TJN]
  34. Updated gametype Kill Confirmed [KC]
  35. Updated gametype Sabotage Unleashed [SAB2]
  36. Updated gametype Team Defender [TDF]
  37. Updated hardpoint Juggernaut
  38. Updated Anti-camp script
  39. Added anti-guid spoofer script
  40. Fast Chat now enemy players can hear it too!
  41. Other minor improvements and fixes.
  42. Added new maps:
    • Seatown

Version v.2.0 wrote:
  1. Fixed Bug Hide and seek to map Showdown
  2. Fixed Bug FX to L96a1 + Acog weapon.
  3. Fixed Bug at reloading weapon L96a1 plus a small improvement.
  4. Fixed Bug to Famas weapon when other players actually see ak74u weapon.
  5. Fixed Bug to Stoner + Grip weapon which actually appears SAW weapon.
  6. Fixed name to AT4 weapon, from RPGx2 to AT4.
  7. AT4 was improved.
  8. Edited "Did you know?" messages.
  9. Fixed problem with map Chechnyan Crisis, this did not work at all.
  10. Changed max number of "Safe Zones" to GREED Gametype from 3 to 4.
  11. All players will have from now weapons unlocked!
  12. Removed QR Codes for spectators.
  13. To Assassination, will not be anymore Zakhaev the VIP, but Cpt. Price for team Troll, and Al Asad for team Boss
  14. Map Ambush works to this version!
  15. Map Backlot works to this version!
  16. Map Crash works to this version!
  17. Map Vacant works to this version!
  18. Map Winter Crash works to this version!
  19. New Background image.
  20. New loading bar.
  21. New "death" icon.
  22. M16 Will no longer be automatic, but 3xBurst-Fire.
  23. Number of GL has been reduced to 1.
  24. Number of AT4 rockets has been reduced to 1.
  25. Added 5 new levels, from maximum level 65 to maximum 70!
  26. Added Gametype Demolition [DEM]
  27. Added Gametype Knife Only [KNF]
  28. Added Gametype Sabotage Unleashed [SAB2]
  29. Added 5 Planes to AIRSTRIKE HARDPOINT instead of 3.
  30. Added logo with special thanks to Openwarfare & HolyMoly.
  31. Added PM63 weapon (Replace old Uzi).
  32. Added TDI Vector weapon (Replace old UMP.45).
  33. Added MP40 weapon (Replace old XM8).
  34. Added Intervention weapon (Replace old Barrett .50 cal).
  35. Added Enfield weapon (Replace old Minigun).
  36. Minigun weapon is now available ONLY for Juggernaut.
  37. Added compatibility Hide and seek to following maps:
    * Crash
    * Vacant
    * Winter Crash
    * Nuke Town
    * Stream
    * Remontna
    * DooWood
    * Firingrange
    * Dahar

  38. Other small bugs fixed and other small improvements added.
  39. Added new maps:
    • Aerodrome
    • Bakaara
    • Docks Night
    • DooWood
    • Rats Sansa Room
    • Rats Fart House
    • Fregata
    • Japan
    • Invasion
    • Swamp
    • Matroska
    • Pripyat

Version v.1.0 wrote:
  1. Added Gametype Infection [INF]
  2. Fixed bug to gametype All or Nothing [AON] when player dies from falling.
  3. Fixed bug to gametype Gun Game [GG] while using AT4, still appears the mini-icon of RPG.
  4. Fixed bug to gametype Hide and Seek [HNS], this didn't worked to BETA.
  5. Fixed bug to minigun, while pressing the reloading button.
  6. Added "Headicon" for players and Claymores.
  7. Changed the loadbar with new one.
  8. Added weapon Stoner
  9. Added weapon XM8
  10. Added weapon 1911 Black ops Pistol
  11. Added weapon Galil
  12. Added new icons for weapons
  13. Added new "briefcase"
  14. Added QR Code for spectators (Use your smartphone)
  15. Added the followings maps:
    • Scrap
    • Al Jabal
    • Apesgorod
    • Arkona
    • Burgundy
    • Chechnyan Crisis
    • Dahar
    • Fallout
    • Favela
    • Firing Range
    • Highrise
    • Hollow Pointe
    • Nuke Town
    • Oldschool
    • Outset
    • Remontna
    • Shipment 3
    • Stream
    • Uprise

BETA Version wrote:
  1. Gametype All or Nothing [AON]
  2. Gametype Assassination [ASS]
  3. Gametype Capture and Hold [CH]
  4. Gametype Capture the Flag [CTF]
  5. Gametype Gun Game [GG]
  6. Gametype Greed [GR]
  7. Gametype Team Greed [TGR]
  8. Gametype Hide and Seek [HNS]
  9. Gametype Juggernaut [JN]
  10. Gametype Team Juggernaut [TJN]
  11. Gametype Kill Confirmed [KC]
  12. Gametype One in the Chamber [OITC]
  13. Anti-theft system (Any attempt to create a server using the mod R-Game will fail).
  14. Anti-flood system
  15. New weapons, extracted from the games MW2, MW3 and Black Ops. Still have weapons to add, these will be added on final version.
  16. Anti-Camping system
  17. Anti-Spawn-kill system
  18. The filtration system of maps depending of the size raported by number of players. (Ex. Little maps when the server runs with a few players, and huge maps when the server runs with many players).
  19. Special sound effect after kill
  20. Blood splatter effect after being killed

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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