How to backup your rank/stats

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How to backup your rank/stats

Post by JaJe on Thu 23 May - 1:36:28

As you probably know, the rank system from R-Game is different than other servers which are not running a mod. Even you play for a long time or recent Call of Duty 4, this doesn't matter. As time you play to R-Game for the first time, you will start with lvl.1 to a maximum of 70. XP needs for each level you can find it [HERE!]

Below I will show you a tutorial of how to save your stats from R-Game server in case you want to make a backup, reinstalling the windows, or reinstalling the game without starting again to lvl.1

  1. First of all and the most important, copy your CD-KEY of the game. No matter if the CD-KEY is original or cracked. (Write it somewhere in a safe place and NEVER LOSE IT!.
  2. In case you don't know from where you have to copy the CD-KEY, join the Call of Duty 4 game (iw3mp.exe) -> Options -> Multiplayer Options -> "Insert CD-KEY" (or something similar). You should see a window like this image below:

    (This CD-KEY is not correct, so don't try to use it Ninja ).

  3. Go to the folder you've installed the Call of Duty 4 game, default path is "C:\Program files\Activision\Call of Duty 4"
  4. To folder where did you installed the game, go to the folder "*\players\profile\[YOUR PROFILE]\mods\r-game". It should look like this default: "C:\Program files\Activision\Call of Duty 4\players\profile\[YOUR PROFILE]\mods\r-game"
  5. To this folder you'll find a file with name "mpdata". To this file are kept your stats from R-Game, number of kills, challenges made, number of hours played, rank etc.. Do a backup of this file!.

Tocmai aţi făcut backup la CD-KEY şi fişierul mpdata. Acum sunteţi gata să reinstalaţi jocul, windows-ul, sau ce mai vreţi să faceţi. Pasul următor vă explică cum să vă restauraţi datele din Joc:

If you copy the CD-KEY to a safe place and made a backup to mpdata file. Then you're ready to reinstall the Call of Duty 4 game, reinstall the windows, or what else you want to do. Next step i will explain you how to rollback your stats to Call of Duty 4 game (R-Game server only).

  1. After you reinstalled the windows, or while you are installing Call of Duty 4, this one it will ask you the CD-KEY of the game. Insert the CD-KEY that you just saved before and NEVER use other CD-KEY!Exclamation
  2. After you installed the game, don't forget to install all patches from v.1.1 to v.1.7 (I just remind you because many peoples forget about this).
  3. After installing these patches, join to Call of Duty 4 multiplayer. Create a profile if you don't have any, add your name as your wish (this one don't have any importance, and won't affect your stats).
  4. Now if you created a profile, quit the game and go to the folder where did you installed the game. Default path: "C:\Program files\Activision\Call of Duty 4\players\profile\[YOUR PROFILE]\mods\r-game" (If you don't have folder mods\r-game, then create it.
  5. To folder R-Game, add "mpdata" file that you saved before.

Now you should start playing to R-Game server with your rank and stats. Of course if you didn't saved before the mod and maps you'll need to re-download it again. (Simply connect to R-Game server and you will download it automatically).

It's important to read carefully all steps. If you get any error then you did something wrong. That's why it's important to make a backup of your CD-KEY and mpdata file. This method works well also for others mods And stock game (non-mod). (It's a different way for stock game). Also there is a method to keep your stats if you want to change the key. But I will not show you here due a security issue. Just send me a PM with your actual CD-KEY, the new CD-KEY you want (or I'll find a new key for you). And your mpdata file from R-Game.

For all other problems or questions, feel free to post it here. Grin

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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