R-Game second MOD Released!!

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R-Game second MOD Released!!

Post by JaJe on Mon 17 Jun - 12:21:21

Today 17 June 2013 I released a new R-Game MOD!
This mod it have only 583KB! Created specially for peoples which don't want to play with custom weapons or custom maps, for peoples which don't have a good internet connection or for those peoples which don't have patience to download the mod.

Current version: v.1.0

What includes:

  • Stock maps ONLY
  • Stock Gametypes (DM/DOM/SD/SAB/WAR)
  • Capture and Hold
  • Capture the Flag
  • Demolition (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Greed
  • Gun Game
  • Hide and Seek
  • Last Team Standing
  • Knife Only
  • One in The Chamber
  • Pistol Only (DM)
  • Pistol Only (TDM)
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Sniper Only (DM)
  • Sniper Only (TDM)
  • Team Defender (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Team Greed
  • Team One in The Chamber (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Anticamp Script (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Antispawn-kill Script
  • Antiguidspoofer (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • RPG Guided (Thanks to HolyMoly)

All this to only 583KB!
Unfortunatelly, we don't have an available host for this server. So I'll host it to my own computer till I find another host.
REMEMBER: My homemade host has a Dynamic IP. This means the IP always change, You can't add the server to favorite yet, because after changes the IP. The IP you added as favorite will show up as "Offline"

Connect to the server only by this way:

  1. Open your console game by pressing "~" Key
  2. write exactly this: /connect r-game.no-ip.org:28960
  3. Enjoy!

//EDIT: 19 June 2013

Mod integrity:

  • mod.ff - MD5 check: 8E28E43852A7E0222DC5520FE7B537D3
  • r-game.iwd - MD5 check: 4299942B7EC73EA5BC07577B7D703300

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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