Tiny R-Game v.1.1

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Tiny R-Game v.1.1

Post by JaJe on Sat 7 Sep - 9:39:17

Today we released the version v.1.1 of the second mod (Tiny R-Game)!
The old version had 583KB. The new one now have 700KB. See below the changelogs.

Mod integrity:

  • mod.ff - MD5 check: A13BF380EBE2B8D2D9615C2DAA7FD68B
  • r-game.iwd - MD5 check: 5BA6CF1692D2EC6BDDE80C65E12526CD

Version v.1.1 wrote:

  1. Changed Scoreboard colors to: RED - Axis; BLUE - Allies; BLACK - Free-for-All.
  2. Added Gametype All or Nothing [AON]
  3. Added Gametype Cranked (Team Deathmatch) [CRNK]
  4. Added Gametype Cranked (Deathmatch) [CRNK2]

Version v.1.0 wrote:

  • Stock maps ONLY
  • Stock Gametypes (DM/DOM/SD/SAB/WAR)
  • Capture and Hold
  • Capture the Flag
  • Demolition (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Greed
  • Gun Game
  • Hide and Seek
  • Last Team Standing
  • Knife Only
  • One in The Chamber
  • Pistol Only (DM)
  • Pistol Only (TDM)
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Sniper Only (DM)
  • Sniper Only (TDM)
  • Team Defender (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Team Greed
  • Team One in The Chamber (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Anticamp Script (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • Antispawn-kill Script
  • Antiguidspoofer (Thanks to HolyMoly)
  • RPG Guided (Thanks to HolyMoly)

Remember, the IP of the R-Game Tiny is: /connect r-game.no-ip.org:28960

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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