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Help us growing!

Post by JaJe on Thu 10 Oct - 0:36:14

Help us growing the activity to both R-Game servers! Share this link: to your blog/forum page/Facebook/friends/etc.. Wherever you want to invite new people to join to our community.

Since June 2013 the activity of R-Game went down. I noticed that most of you joining to our server only if there are some players already online. It's a normal thing, inviting new people to discover our community may help R-Game to increase a bit the activity enough to join our members.

Strange but, some peoples still doesn't know that we've changed the IP of the Main R-Game server. And others still doesn't know about Tiny R-Game.

Just to remember:
Main Server R-Game (122MB mod + new weapons + new maps): /connect
Tiny R-Game (700KB mod only without new weapons and new maps): /connect (Tiny R-Game have a Dynamic IP. This means the IP of that server always change. That's why I added a domain IP server instead of IP server. Use the domain IP I gave you, this one works whenever the IP of that server are. If you want somehow to keep as favorite that server, use this tutorial, [HERE]).

Happy Thumbs Up

//Last edit: 14 October 2013

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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