Bot22 wants to join! [Rejected]

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Bot22 wants to join! [Rejected]

Post by Bot22 on Tue 24 Dec - 10:51:57

Real Name: Louis
Nickname: Bot22
Age: 16
Country: UK
Last level registered to server: 27
GUID: 8c213dc402a8a7e88ef776765d23d149
Xfire: Bot22lvbw
Joined to Xfire community: Yes have now joined
Why should we accept you?: Because I am nearly always online, alright player. Stumbled across your server have had lots of fun in the community and the players are friendly.

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Re: Bot22 wants to join! [Rejected]

Post by JaJe on Tue 24 Dec - 11:06:48

Hello Louis,
First of all, before you can join to our clan, you must first have level 55 on one of our servers! Come back when you have the minimum level.

And second, I have a favor. Play with another nickname, other than BOT. This one will not record any stats you made because the system consider yourself as BOT. Change your nickname. Thank you!


A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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