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Server Rules

Post by JaJe on Mon 29 Oct - 2:34:02

ATTENTION!: The rules can changes anytime, the post will be edited when appears new rule modification
The rules are very simple,

  1. Respect the players, no quarrels or swearing - WARN/KICK 1hr/BAN PERMANENT
  2. Advertisement, inviting players to other clans or spam are forbidden - KICK 1hr/BAN PERMANENT
  3. Using any kind of hacks are forbidden! - BAN PERMANENT
  4. Also using "fast rank" hack is forbidden! - BAN PERMANENT
  5. Use RPG/AT4 & Grenade Launcher with responsibility, abusing of these weapons are not allowed! - WARN/KICK 1hr
  6. Using other players nickname is forbidden - KICK AUTOMAT (Punkbuster)
  7. Criticism are not allowed, if you like it, play, if not, you're free to leave - WARN/KICK 1hr/BAN
  8. Nicknames that includes prefix like "http://" "www." or suffixes like ".ro" ".com" ".net" ".org" etc. Are not allowed! - KICK AUTOMAT (Punkbuster)
  9. Nicknames "ADMIN" "console" "~" "`" or an obscene name are not allowed! - KICK AUTOMAT (Punkbuster)

Any banned player tries to connect again on this server using another cd-key, this will be banned again until gets BAN IP!

Playing to R-GAME Server is a privilege, not a right!

//Last edit: 17 nov. 2012

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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