[INF] Infection

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[INF] Infection

Post by JaJe on Tue 13 Nov - 5:01:50

Anti-spawn-camp: ON; 2,5sec.
Anticamp: ON; Range of 400; Activating after 30 Seconds
Spectator: Doar la începutul jocului!
Rank Type: RANKED

Gametype: Team Deathmatch
Timelimit: 20 minutes
Max score: There is no limit to score
Rounds: 1
Time respawn: 1 second
Number of lives:
Others: Players can not be spectators during the game! only at the beginning.

In this gametype are two teams, INFECTED & SURVIVORS.
At the beginning of the match, all players start in being part of Team SURVIVORS.

ATTENTION: It takes at least 3 players to start the game!

After starting the game, the first 10 seconds, the system will RANDOMLY choose a player to make it INFECTED.

This will have Double Barrel weapon and Claymores. For killing an INFECTED player will need to shoot at least two bullets! (Rarely needed one bullet).
SURVIVORS team players must do everything possible to survive! The longer survives, the more it increases the score!

When the rest of the team was killed by INFECTED team, last player (Last survivor will have M1014 weapon, and will have permanent UAV activated too see the INFECTED players position until the end of the match.

Also, killing a INFECTED player there are 50% chances to leave a bag of ammunition. For main weapon chances are 65% and for Claymore are likely 35%. Each bag will have 6 bullets ammunition. Bag will look like this:

This will have a gun without bullets, 20% chance to have ammunition for the gun. (Those who have pistol ammunition will have exactly 7 bullets).

The first player is selected by the system to be INFECTED, will need to use a knife only once time to kill the first enemy. This applies only to THE FIRST PLAYER INFECTED!

Then, when to the INFECTED team are two or more players INFECTED, they will need to use TWICE TIME THE KNIFE to kill an enemy!

ATTENTION: In those cases where the INFECTED player will own gun ammunition, killing the enemy pulling with gun WILL NOT TRANSFORM THE PLAYER TO INFECTED!

But when the team SURVIVORS remain with one player (Last survivor). It is necessary to use 3 times the knife to kill the last player!


  • Killing an enemy player = 10 points.
  • When a player was killed by an INFECTED player, all the rest of SURVIVORS team will receive 100 points!
  • The only player who will stay alive from team SURVIVORS, will receive 250 points!
  • When the only player left alive from SURVIVORS team will kill enemy players with the new shotgun M1014, it will receive 140 points + 10 points = 150 points.
  • When a player from team INFECTED kills a player from team SURVIVORS, it will receive 40 points + 10 points = 50 points.
  • The player who annihilates the only survivor from SURVIVORS team, will receive 190 points + 10 points = 200 points.

In the end, the winning team will always be INFECTED! The player with the highest score is the winner of the match!

Below is a little demo on how to play:

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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