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R-Game BETA!

Post by JaJe on Wed 31 Oct - 10:56:03

R-Game Server has been released officially to BETA Stage!. This is not the final version. Still working to this server, we will add new custom maps once with the final version, and fixing the knowed bugs.

Below I will present you the changelogs to this server, which are the difference between a simple server and this server.

BETA Version wrote:
  1. Gametype All or Nothing [AON]
  2. Gametype Assassination [ASS]
  3. Gametype Capture and Hold [CH]
  4. Gametype Capture the Flag [CTF]
  5. Gametype Gun Game [GG]
  6. Gametype Greed [GR]
  7. Gametype Team Greed [TGR]
  8. Gametype Hide and Seek [HNS]
  9. Gametype Juggernaut [JN]
  10. Gametype Team Juggernaut [TJN]
  11. Gametype Kill Confirmed [KC]
  12. Gametype One in the Chamber [OITC]
  13. Anti-theft system (Any attempt to create a server using the mod R-Game will fail).
  14. Anti-flood system
  15. New weapons, extracted from the games MW2, MW3 and Black Ops. Still have weapons to add, these will be added on final version.
  16. Anti-Camping system
  17. Anti-Spawn-kill system
  18. The filtration system of maps depending of the size raported by number of players. (Ex. Little maps when the server runs with a few players, and huge maps when the server runs with many players).
  19. Special sound effect after kill
  20. Blood splatter effect after being killed

Unfortunately, these changes make it impossible to run the following maps:
  • Ambush
  • Backlot
  • Broadcast
  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • District
  • Vacant
  • Winter Crash

A juca pe un server R-GAME este un privilegiu, nu un drept! / Playing to an R-GAME server is a privilege, not a right!

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